Is Too Politically Correct INCORRECT??

Might well be……..

So growing up, I always remember my mom saying, ‘’when America sneezes, the whole world gets a sick.’’

This analogy was the perfect way to explain how the Americans were always the pioneers, particularly in those days, and how the whole world waited with baited breath to see what they would next revolutionize! To a certain extent much of the world has caught up in a lot of ways, but America is still very much the frontrunner in a multitude of ways. There are a lot of things that America should be commended for, but being TOO politically correct is absolutely not one of them!!

I did previously refer to this (what I perceive to be) problematic little glitch in the ”advanced” development of this Country. In one of my previous blogs, ‘’Is Political Correctness A Breeding Ground For Racism’’, I touched on the fact that in my mind, being so politically correct when it comes to the disease of racism, creates more segregation, hatred and anger.

In order not to be perceived as ‘’an American basher’’, I did not discuss in that blog, that the country latches on to anything where a degree of political correctness is required, and slaughters the issue to such an extent, that all those fanatics just become more fanatical! So by attempting to be ‘’too right’’, it backfires, and becomes wrong!

There was the excessively overstated ‘’Me Too’’ movement, which just gave chauvinists, predators and misogynists more food for locker room conversations. And, truly, if anyone thought that any of the guilty parties apologizing was anything more than a PR stunt…….….rise and shine!! The guilty parties are still chauvinists, predators and misogynists, and even more so, as they were named and shamed by their victims.

Another topic that America has sunk its teeth into, is anything related to same sex relationships. I have no issues with same sex relationships. I am quite unaffected by them, and believe that you should just do you. As long as you are happy, that TRULY is all that matters! But the one who sneezes and gives the rest of the world influenza, is starting to work on my nerves, as this issue is being so over embraced, it cannot even be taken seriously anymore!!

I am an adult with a brain (not yet medically confirmed), and I will either have a problem with something, or not. I will either be a prejudiced bigot, or I will not.  Will trying to homogenize certain groups of people by CONSTANTLY engulfing people in the topic, not just diversify these groups even more? I say absadamnlutely!!

I mean….can we not just accept everyone for how they behave, and how they make us feel? Are we so uneducated and unsophisticated, that we have to constantly be spoon-fed on the way we are required to feel about something? Do we really think that the bigots and radicals are going to suddenly become ‘’educated’’ about an issue, if it is constantly being included in every movie, TV show, advertising campaign and every other medium that can possibly be utilized, in order to get the point across by overstating it??

Well I think bloody not!!

Of course the same applies to mixed race relations, and hot on the heels of this, gender neutral, transgender, non-binary etc are starting to be Hollywood’s next ‘’too politically correct’’ projects. It is going to soon reach a point where we will feel like everything we see, hear and watch will be a ‘’Tolerance Workshop 101”!!

Now, the reason I mention this, is because the most blatant misuse of political correctness was highlighted in a Netflix series I am watching at the moment. Yes…….I looooooove me some Netflix binging at all hours of the night, when my manic brain refuses to quieten down. The Series in question shall remain nameless, as, I am kind of ashamed to admit that my guilty pleasures are ‘’reality’’ shows. I use the quotation marks, as for the most part, even the so called reality shows have become scripted, which then makes them just another piece of fictional viewing. But when I find a new series, it generally starts off fairly real, until the producers realize that the ratings will increase with a bit of manipulation of the scripts. That is when I tap out.

My partiality for such shows, is that I have always so enjoyed observing human behaviour and interaction, and that has been the way I have managed to do it, without sitting at a coffee shop, and appearing all weird and stalker like. So, back to my newly found still real reality show. Well, it already has twelve seasons, and I am only on season four, so I am sure ten years after the fact it is loaded with scripted actors and an abundance of politically correct relationships and plots. But for now, I was still seeing the authentic relationships between people, who were not aspiring actors or musicians or social media influencers. Until last night, that is.

So the premise of the show is getting a group of twenty somethings to work and live together for a season. As always, people fight, bicker, fall in and out of lust, and in and out of love. There have been tears, arguments and lots of drama to wet the taste buds. From the outset, reference has been made to these individuals’ home lives and relationships through the whole season, but we were never introduced to any of these people on the actual show. Clearly, this season was the one that was filmed at a time when all the politically correctness of the film industry had made it’s way to the surface. And so the start of the scripted and unreality season began to play out.

One of the female cast members, who had appeared in previous seasons, and who was hooking up with any male who was willing and able, was now in a same sex relationship with someone. We see her Skype calling her partner every five minutes, also nothing we had seen previously. Then lo and bloody behold, her partner is brought on to one of the episodes. Never happened before with any cast member’s heterosexual partner. Not only did this partner appear on the episode, but after each scene, there was a scene devoted to this couple swallowing each other’s faces. Not seen previously with any of the heterosexual couples. In fact, because I have always been a total prude, coupled with the fact that I am……..well…..…old, I have never enjoyed watching any type of nudity, sex or face swallowing on the big screen, small screen or any bloody screen!! So with all the hook ups that had previously taken place on this show, everything was always implied, and I enjoyed not having to endure the uncomfortable viewing of any graphically passionate behaviour……until now.

The thing for me, is that if anyone thinks that this is going to educate the already bigoted person, and that by some small miracle, they will suddenly be more mindful of their bigotry, and more tolerant towards certain people….or by some humungous miracle, actually change their mindset……uuuuum……..not gonna happen!!!!!

And, yes, before you rant and rave about inclusivity and representation, something the younger generation desperately needs to witness, I get that. Of course we need our youth to see that they are accepted and included in society irrespective of race, religion, size or sexual orientation. This is paramount! HOWEVER, what I am also saying, well pleading, is can the one who sneezes not have EVERY SINGLE thing revolve around all these issues to the point where the heterosexual, non-discriminatory and liberal peace and love to all who live on earth people start feeling like they are not bloody normal????

Catch you later, cheers, Namaste, bye-bye, see ya, mind how you go, ta ta, toodeloo, hasta la vista, later,  keep it real, peace, peace out, take it easy, cya, awe, talk soon….. …hope I covered it all!!

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