Narcissism V Empath V Histrionic

I have always considered myself totally in tune with the psyche, so the David Attenborough of the Homo sapiens, if you will. However, I am not trained in the psyche, and I am sure that those who have been, would refer to me as ‘’ill-trained’’. Despite this, I strongly believe that with enough years under your belt, and a combination of common sense, intuition and perception, you will learn a whole lot about the psyche of the Homo sapien!   

So, by living on Planet Earth for 55 years and experiencing Homo sapiens in their natural habitat, one comes to realize, that amongst this species, there are subspecies, classed according to their personality types. In this ‘’documentary’’ of the Human Race, I shall be discussing three such types.

To begin with, there is the narcissist (‘’The Hunter’’) and the empath (‘’The Prey’’).

Within the narcissistic subspecies, there are two varying degrees of narcissism. There is the whole, unequivocal and purebred hunter, as opposed to the ‘’understated hunter’’. But even the ‘’understated hunter’’ is no match for the purebred hunter. The former just teeters on the fence, behaving like the narcissist when in the presence of empaths, and like an empath when in the presence of the narcissist.

I somehow think that a slightly narcissistic element lurks beneath many Homo sapiens. Those that wish to have the control and power on a much smaller scale, who do not wish to move in for the final kill, but just wish to play with their prey. These are the ‘’givers’’ and ‘’doers’’. These are the members who want to always remind their victims what they have ‘’given ’’ to and ‘’done’’ for them. They too lie awake in the shadows, patiently waiting for a victim. However, these bear no relevance to this episode, and might be a topic for a future episode.

Then there is a third, and lesser known subspecies, known as the ”histrionic”. The reason they are lesser known, is because they are often confused with the narcissist, when in fact they are TOTALLY different. The only similarity these two subspecies bear is that they are masters of manipulation. The narcissist is loud, verbose and uses manipulation to attain their ultimate goal of capturing their prey. Once captured he uses his prey to work for him, admire and respect him. The Homo sapiens exposed to the narcissist have a choice of whether or not to fall prey to the narcissist. This is generally dependent on the emotional strength and degree of self esteem of the prey.

The histrionic, on the other hand, is introverted and wants everyone to pity them, also using manipulation to attain their ultimate goal of capturing their prey, and thereafter ultimately draining the blood out of them. Homo sapiens exposed to the histrionic are usually family and friends, who have some kind of emotional tie to the histrionic, and they are easy pickings for the histrionic to be manipulated by the emotion of guilt. The prey do not usually have a choice to escape the clutches of the stealth like manipulative techniques of the histrionic. They are emotionally bound to such subspecies. Even the strongest bear no defense to their cunning manipulation.

In the animal kingdom, the narcissist most certainly holds the high ground. Competition between narcissists is fierce for the capturing of empaths. But numbers are on the side of the narcissists, as most of the human species comprise of empaths or histrionics.

Being a member of the subspecies of narcissists should not necessarily be viewed in a negative light. By the same token, belonging to the subspecies of empaths could well be regarded as such. Empaths are easy targets for narcissists, who lack the very same empathy that the empath typifies. They associate with the species, with the sole goal of draining their energy, sabotaging them, and bringing them down. Ultimately the hunter moves in for the kill.

The positive traits of a narcissist are that they are mentally tough, have an abundance of confidence (which quite often can mask insecurities, which is why they feel they need to control everyone), and are very goal-orientated. So, for the most part, they are a successful subspecies. This is not to say that all successful Homo sapiens are narcissists. But in my experience, all narcissists are successful.

Not surprisingly, the hunters never act against each other. They work together, in search of the abundance of empaths, taking turns to grab their prey. The prey move around in groups, as they feel safer this way, although all they are doing, is aiding the hunter in having an easier hunt. There are more than enough prey for each individual hunter, and once the hunters have scented blood in the air, they each have their opportunity to move in for the kill.

In contrast, the empaths are normally ‘’the workers’’, scurrying around to ultimately allow the narcissists to become successful and powerful. They do however, plod along on our planet, and live a fairly peaceful existence, totally unaware that they are being utilized to such an extent.

The histrionic lives a fairly peaceful existence as well, as they are blissfully unaware (or unaffected by the fact) that they suck the life out of their victims. Those that cannot escape the clutches of the histrionic, are constantly worrying about them, supporting them, trying to ‘’save’’ them. Some never realizing that that the histrionic cannot be ‘’saved’’, as they have absolutely no desire to be. They live their very humble existence by relying on the rest of the species for everything they feel is due to them. They are, unlike the narcissist, not remotely ambitious, but as cunning, and as manipulative, which is where the confusion between narcissists and histrionics comes in.

Now a lot of people assume that the successful person became narcissistic after achieving a measure of success. I have witnessed that the inherently narcissistic personality ensures that they become successful. I say this, as from my untrained observations, one of the most important tools for the narcissist is CONTROL.  Control is only really achievable by some sort of power. Hence, one has to be successful to get the power to control.

You will find narcissists lurking in the shadows, in search of their weak and naive pray, who are earmarked by the narcissist to fulfill their selfish needs in every way. They wield their power over the empath, so as to make themselves feel even more important than they already assume that they are. They belittle them, emotionally abuse them and all generally treat them in a manner only an empath would tolerate!!

Now, I am not canvassing for pity for the empath. No, in fact, that is me……I am the empath. I am totally aware of the fact that I am, and am even more aware of the fact that I always have the choice to remove myself from the clutches of my hunters. But that requires bravery, guts, courage and a STRONG self worth. So essentially…..none of the behavioral traits afforded to this subspecies!!

But David Attenborough aside, the question I have not found the answer to, is whether the narcissists and histrionics are conscious of how they behave? Are they aware of the fact that they are required to behave like they do to achieve their desired result? Do they have their ‘’Narcissim for Dummies’’ and ‘’Histrionics for Dummies’’ reference books by their sides at all times? But undoubtedly, what they are not aware of, or, alternatively are not concerned about, is how their behavior affects their prey. They are unsympathetic to the far reaching effects of their behavior, and how it snowballs, from the first victim to the end victim.

Once the first prey has endured the behavior of one of these subspecies, the former will then naturally vent their anger and frustration on the very next member of the species that they come into contact with. Not only that, every victim that has had the unfortunate experience of being the receiver of this anger and frustration starts an entire new chain of victims that behave in the same manner. Considering all this, it is surprising that our very angry species of Homo sapiens is not even more incensed???

So how does one ‘’cure’’ narcissistic or histrionic behavior? Well, with a tranquilized dart I would imagine, as they do not know how to function without manipulation, power and control.

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