A Blog About A Postponed Blog.

So, one (me…I am one) blogs as a form of therapy. Well there are many reasons to blog, but in my mind, you are either fortunate enough to blog on content that can make you the moola, or you blog because it is therapeutic. Well, I certainly find it therapeutic, so I assume it is one or the other!! And as my day to day life experiences, thoughts and processes do not make the moola, therapy it will be!

However, I do not want my blogs to ever be personally directed towards a specific individual ….well other than my nuggets, Salt and Pepper of course, as they would have blamed me for everything that went wrong in their lives anyway. So always safer to have my side of the story in black and white for any future child services, future daughter in laws, psychologists or adoption agencies. Also….as long as they live under my roof……..you know the rest. I also do not want to cause any individual person to be hurt or offended

Of course I have no problem with directing my thoughts and opinions towards a multitude of people, and if they figure that I am talking about them specifically….well….I cannot be blamed for that, and they can be commended for being honest with themselves.

No, if I had any desire to attack specific individuals, I would, of course, become a Tweeter, and I think we all know that I would last all of two minutes on that platform, before I was booted out on my twatter!!

When I started blogging again, I had a lot more free time on my hands due to COVID (aaaaaah…the good old days), and my creative juices and pent up thoughts and experiences from when I had last blogged, came flowing forth like a river to the sea!! So I decided that due to the abundance of genius writings that I had at my disposal, I would post a bi-weekly blog. I was scheduling the posts for future dates….as one does…..when one is OCD….and yes, again, I am ”one”!!

It actually proves to be quite entertaining for me, as when my (totally love him for it) big bruv and supporter, posts the link of the latest blog on the family group, I re-read the posts, as I have often already forgotten the content of my works of art, being that they could sometimes have been written ten blogs previous.

But, again, being who I am, I started putting immense pressure on myself to ensure I had enough content to post twice a week. What with not having as much time, and having less time to have debates with myself, this started proving to be a tad stressful. Then I realised, that only I could take something that is supposed to be therapeutic and leisurely, and cause it to transform me into a pressurised and anxiety riddled ”need to meet the deadlines” mess!! I mean…what bloody ”deadlines” was I even on about…seriously!!

That is when I decided that it was time for a change. All my millions of followers, supporters and fans, would have to be content with weekly blogs!! And to the collective ”aaaaaaaah nooooo’s” I hear……this too you shall overcome!

There are times where I discuss something very topical and relevant in my life, which posted 3 weeks later tends to have lost its relevance (well to me anyway). Then there are times when I just have random discussions and debates with myself, and then hope that by blogging about them, I will get some clarity on my dilemma by the end of the blog. What has sometimes happened with the latter, is that while I am in the process of drafting the blog, a-la Law of Attraction strikes, and I will either hear it being discussed amongst people, or something will happen that so closely relates to the content of my draft, that I am sure Siri has let the proverbial cat out the bag!!

So I often find myself saying to people, “actually that is what I am busy blogging about at the moment”. They then look at me either like…. you blog? Or…. you telling me this, why? Be that as it may, this does reinforce my absolute belief in the Laws of Attraction. As I have mentioned before, for someone who believes so strongly in this principle, you would think I would have the sense to STOP HAVING SUCH NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!! I have tried people….truly!

Just as a side note, when I was initially drafting this blog, my nuggets, Salt and Pepper were out playing indoor soccer. They generally play once a week, sometimes twice a week. Fabulous….young men keeping fit and healthy….….socializing and bonding with other young men over a healthy pastime!! What could go wrong?? Well lots apparently, as after each match, my children saunter in with news of a different player that has been injured during the match. And by injured, I mean broken, cracked and shattered body parts, sometimes pins and surgery are the order of the day.

So, while I was writing about these irrational negative thoughts that I always allow to consume me, I was being consumed by the thoughts of hoping this day was not going to be the one when one of my kids were injured. Needless to say……..

I am not going to elaborate, as in all probability this will be a topic to which I will be compelled to devote an entire blog. I mean…..how could I not???

Anyhoo, where I am actually going with this (what seems to be grabbing at straws for content) blog, is that I was in the midst of drafting a blog, and then something happened which led to this topic suddenly becoming a real issue in my life. I suddenly realised that, if I posted the blog so close to the event, it might be considered to be a passive aggressive message. Now don’t misunderstand me….I am the master of passive aggression, but I just thought that it might be tasteless under the circumstances.

So that is where using a blog as therapy can prove difficult, as with counselling, there is a privileged relationship between doctor and patient. No such relationship exists between pen and paper….well keyboard and screen, if you are going to be pedantic. Now, it might surprise you that a cold, heartless, unfiltered and intolerant individual such as me would actually give a damn about such things, but I tend to give way more damns than I am given credit for…..something only those that truly know me are aware of.

So here is me blogging about a blog that has been put on hold for a minute, so as not to hurt, offend or insult anyone. Bizaar coming from someone who has no filter or tolerance…but hey, sometimes one has to pause and consider the consequences.

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