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So life happens….we get older, we get busier, but most importantly, our bodies start feeling like we are 20 years older than we actually are, and 25 years older than we actually feel!

Yes, we all get there, despite our assurances to ourselves that we will be the only ones to dodge that bullet!

The reason for this morbid introduction, is to segue into the topic of how most of us, despite being active in our youth, tend to use all the above (including our decrepit bodies), as an excuse for not doing enough exercise.

There are those who insist that they are so active at work, home etc, that they do not need to do additional exercises. Don’t you though??? Then there are increasingly more of those who count their daily steps on their Fitbits etc. Again, citing the number of steps they did to justify that the steps they clocked up count as exercise. Do they though???

I am not in any way qualified to have this discussion………well actually…….yes, yes I am……..common sense, that right there is my qualification!  The older we get, the harder it is, and more important it becomes to keep our decrepit machine well oiled. Yet physical, mental and time constraints work against us. But again, common sense dictates that (and please…don’ t feel offended by what might appear to be my patronizing tone…or what IS in fact my patronizing tone…), the sedentary lives most of us lead today, were not the lives our bodies were designed for.

Even the more active of us use transport instead of walking, have machines in our homes that do most of the work for us, never have to climb stairs, we eat bad, live bad, stress….which is bad….all of it….bad, bad, bad.

So to the mommies who don’t need to exercise because they are ”running after their kids”, or to the people at work who are ”on their feet the whole day”…..and who drive home or to the shops, to buy dish washing liquid to put in their dishwasher, and washing powder to put in their washing machine, and food to heat up in the microwave…..YOU STILL NEED TO EXERCISE!

Now, paleeeeeeeeez, do not assume I am any different. Not at all…..there are untold reasons why I have not exercised in the past few years. Like I said…..older, busier, and feeling like I am 20 years older than I actually am. However, I always felt worse for it, and knew not to justify it with my ”active daily life’ or time constraints.

Actually, the reason I sat down to write this Blog, was because I wanted to tell you about my new found love for my neighbours post lock down. But I clearly got distracted…happens regularly, and went on some other tangent…..happens regularly.

So, love…..newfound….neighbours…..will have to happen another time. In the meantime……I am off to exercise.

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