What a time for our planet!! What a rollercoaster of emotions we have all been through.

Everyone has had their own emotional experience, but for me personally, I can sum it up in a trilogy that I shall call  ‘’Three Shades of Corona” (Totally PG by the way.)

Part 1, titled “Surrealism’’ covers feelings of confusion, shock, panic and disbelief.

I vividly remember listening to the President’s first address regarding the lock down.  Once he was done, my sons and I looked at each other, and my 23 year old said the most profound words of all time..….”that’ s deep” . Well maybe not profound, but certainly summed it up!

As small business owners, as well as Employees (of which I am both), the processing of shut down, losing income, and in the most drastic cases, losing jobs and businesses, was a very scary time. This taught us that nothing is ever guaranteed. This taught us to take nothing for granted. This taught us….actually, in retrospect this taught us nothing. But at the time, we reasoned that it did!

That, dear people, is what made up Part 1…..confusion, shock, panic, disbelief……..and DEEP!!

These emotions are not revisited once we begin “Part 2, titled “The Honeymoon Period “.  It was a toss up between that title, and the strong contender, ‘’Kumbaya’’. In fact ‘’Namaste’’ could also have been considered. But you see where I am going here?

This is where we all had 3 weeks of no control. We had to stay indoors, stay safe and appreciate the fact that many of us, like myself, were forced to breathe for the first time in 15 years.

The Earth could breathe too. We saw unbelievably heartwarming videos on social media of how our planet would look if the destructive human race was not there to destroy it. The planet was starting to heal. In an ironic way, we were also beginning to heal.

Broken relationships aside, we bonded, we cooked, we loved, we laughed and we suddenly realized why this had happened. It was a lesson. Yes, that was it. It all made sense!

Sure, the first trip to the shops literally felt like I was Darryl in an episode of “The Walking Dead”,  going for a “run.” (A Netflix Series I chose to binge on during lock down….go figure!)

However I did the totally responsible thing, went off all social media, shut myself off from any chance of hearing statistics, or that dreaded propaganda that can drive people to hell and back, and just took each day as it came. Never really done that before, but never really been forced to do that before!

I slept the best I have in 23 years. Both boys at home, safe and sound! Legally enforced to stay home! The lock down had achieved what no self respecting mother of young adult sons could ever have achieved!!

I realized that this is the state of calm that some people live everyday….who knew?? I also realized that if that is how I have not lived for so many years, my slightly cranky, ever so tiny grumpy and anxiety ridden personality all started making sense! Wow! My son was right……”deep’’ indeed!!

Finally, the still untitled third part of the trilogy. This is where many of us currently find ourselves- acceptance, depression and anxiety.  

Acceptance has set in. Life is supposed to “carry on” but financially, that’s not possible.  My kids are now totally over me using the excuse of lock down to keep them safe at home! In fact that “deep“ child said I am milking this lockdown thing to keep them at home. Hmmmm, probably….but who can blame me??  Anxiety, wow are you back? Damn, thought I had got rid of you. You are a persistent little swine aren’t you?? Then there is the depression, always a little by product of that cursed anxiety. Rat race, here we go. Stress, can’t say I missed you, but hello again.

I consider myself so fortunate. My family and friends are healthy. I still have employment. I still have my business. Yes, it is a Function Venue Hire. Yes, the hospitality industry will take one of the longest to recover. But the  parties we have hosted post COVID have been amazing.  Somehow, more special than usual.  People all have a different sense of appreciation for what was so “normal“.

In all these years, my Venue has  never gone longer than 3 weeks without being filled with childrens’ laughter, love and life. The fact that the bookings are only trickling in this season, is so foreign to my business.  

However, on entering the Venue for the first time after 6 months, I looked round, and realized….JEEKS too shall live again!!


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