So, people are now totally over the dreaded masks. The topic of every conversation is…. “they do help’’….’’they don’t help ‘’…..”these are useless ‘’….. ‘’those  are uncomfortable ‘’, etc, etc, etc.

There are memes, there are posts…… quite frankly, masks are probably the most discussed and trending topic right now.

We no longer say, “love your shirt, where did you get it?” Nope, now we say, “love your mask, where did you get it?”. We also buy masks to match our outfits, novelty masks, quirky masks and I have no doubt that ideas will keep flowing. I mean, who are we not to exploit any and every opportunity put before us?

I was born with a resting (we’ll call it) grumpy face. My friends have forgotten my birth name, as they have been addressing me as “grumpy’’ for the last 15 years. Most people that know me, have to explain to “newcomers ‘’, that I am really nicer than I look. Of course there are those who know me, that feel the need to explain to people that I am not nicer than I look. For the purposes of this discussion, I shall refer to them as “people who do not understand me “ –  aka some of my friends.

Yes, I am sarcastic, yes I am snarky, yes I am intolerant, impatient (gasping for air), speak my mind, moody, OCD, ADD etc. BUT, I am also so much nicer than I look!!

One of my greatest qualities, is that I am totally aware of all my negative traits. “Why” you might ask, “don’t you do something about them?’’ Well, I have had (brief) moments where I have really tried. I once did fairly well! I even started liking myself!! But then one friend….. it only took one…. told me she found me so much less fun with my new improved personality! Well then…..who was I to deprive her of the old me. So….back to my ways I went.

Mind you, I totally know that there are friends of mine that use the daylight out of me to speak THEIR minds. Again….who am I to argue? My very close friends know EXACTLY how to trigger my “speak my mind ‘’ button!  Well, to be fair, it doesn’t  take a rocket scientist to figure that out!

One such friend and I were chatting one day, and we were trying to explain to her husband, et al, that I am ‘’INTOLERANT ‘’. Pretty much my claim to fame.  For the life of me, I could not think of the word. Next thing I knew, she blurted out ‘’INTOLERABLE “. Still never figured out whether that was a Freudian Slip!!

Anyhoooo, I digress. Me, I like the masks!! I am thousands of years old and was born with a resting grumpy face. Now with my mask, I look like a Vogue model, and like a true example of rainbows and sparkles.

Furthermore, when else would one be able to pretend they don’t  recognize someone they know  standing right behind them in the supermarket queue?   What a BRILLIANT excuse when we have those anti social days? Oh come on….we all have them?……..somebody???……anybody???   Dammit!! Hand me my mask!!

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