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Life seen through the eyes of an unfiltered, politically incorrect and snarky 50 something mother, father, friend, enemy, ex professional, part time employer and employee, who suffers from OCD, ADHD, and in all probability depression!

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Tsitsikamma…..Where I Might One Day Nama-stay.

As I have repeatedly mentioned, unlike many……..many of my fellow citizens and ex-pats, I have always felt that I have lived in the best country in the world. I was never quite sure that I was living in the best part of it, but I haven’t really been around much, and where I have been, […]

Are We Living The Life We Have Manifested?

So back to my reflective blog I spoke about in my last Blog. I have previously touched on the fact that I truly believe everyone is living the socio economic life that they are content with. I believe that there are those who want a lifestyle of the uber rich, and will work extremely hard […]

Crypto….Metaverse….NFT’S and some such!!

So here I am……an average 55 year old grumpy mummy….PETRIFIED about how quickly technology is advancing. As with an average 55 year old, I am taking note and attempting to learn only what I absolutely have to in order to get things done in my little non technologically advanced world. For the rest of it, I pretend it is not happening. I […]