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Life seen through the eyes of an unfiltered, politically incorrect and snarky 50 something mother, father, friend, enemy, ex professional, part time employer and employee, who suffers from OCD, ADHD, and in all probability depression!

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Is Tolerance A Breeding Ground For Enabling?

I might have mentioned a couple (or sixty) times in my past blogs, that I am intolerant. In addition, I am often perceived to be (even by myself at times….actually regularly), insensitive. I also seem to keep feeling the need to explain my intolerance every few hundred times a blog! I think that the reason I […]

COVID – Is This Our New Normal??

So like me, I assume most of the World is still waiting in anticipation for things to get back to ”normal” again. Early last year, the entire world came to a standstill for a millisecond, and then we started this adventure into the unknown, where we assumed that a couple of months (which seemed like an eternity […]

Truth OR Bliss?

Now because I am unfiltered, intolerant, grumpy and ……um….well….HONEST, people in the know are totally aware of the fact that I am the go to person to ask a question to which they are requiring an honest answer. I mean…what other answer would suffice?? Well, apparently, to many, the answer that they wanted to hear! […]