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Life seen through the eyes of an unfiltered, politically incorrect and snarky 50 something mother, father, friend, enemy, ex professional, part time employer and employee, who suffers from OCD, ADHD, and in all probability depression!

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No Parental Involvement Required

Yes, I am THAT person. The one that always follows the rules. Typical of my personality type, I just believe that rules are put there for a reason and if they are not followed everything will fall apart. I also just assume that if one does the ”right” thing, everything will fall into place. This […]

A Blogging Dilemma

So when I started re-blogging after many years, I had so much content to get off my chest, that I literally had a blog scheduled twice a week for 6 weeks in advance. I was just spewing them out like a mad dog with rabies!! I started again during the original lockdown. My weekend business, […]