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Life seen through the eyes of an unfiltered, politically incorrect and snarky 50 something mother, father, friend, enemy, ex professional, part time employer and employee, who suffers from OCD, ADHD, and in all probability depression!

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Accepting Compliments!

So you know when you are growing up, the tiniest words of encouragement or approval that may come your way could prove to be life altering. Naturally, the opposite applies as well, but unfortunately, as parents we only realise how fundamentally our words can impact our children when little swines are old enough to have the […]

How To Comfort A Person Who Is Grieving

In case you thought this would be an informative blog, you know, one which would assist you should you find yourself being called upon to comfort a loved one……. nope……..sorry. There is no ‘’right’’ or ‘’wrong’’ thing to do, say or even be. In one of my recent blogs, I mentioned how, after losing my […]

Is Too Politically Correct INCORRECT??

So growing up, I always remember my mom saying, ‘’when America sneezes, the whole world gets a sick.’’ This analogy was the perfect way to explain how the Americans were always the pioneers, particularly in those days, and how the whole world waited with baited breath to see what they would next revolutionize! To a […]